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San Juan Islands Youth Conservation Corps Application

2022 Summer Season


The 2022 YCC season will run from June 27 to August 19 (8 weeks), Monday through Thursday each week. We offer a hands-on, outdoor stewardship program for students age 12-18. Projects include trail construction, habitat restoration, scientific monitoring and more, with collaborating partners include federal, state and local public agencies. Program participants apply for YCC as they would for a job and are paid a stipend at the end of the season. The 2022 stipend amount is $800 for all students. Our program provides a healthy mix of field science, natural and cultural history, leadership skills training, weekly themed curricula and high-impact service projects. We are excited for our 2022 season and hope you will apply!


March 15th - Early Enrollment application period opens
April 15th - Early Enrollment application period closes, priority will be given to applications received by this date
May 12th- Final Deadline for Application Submission!
May 16th - Families are alerted of YCC acceptance decision

June 27th - First day of YCC Summer Season

August 18th - Last day of YCC Summer Season


  • Age 12 - 18 or entering grades 7 - 12 in Fall 2022. If you do not fit within this category, or have further questions about YCC please contact our Coordinator directly at

  • Able to attend each day of activities (Mon-Thurs, ~9am-3pm, time subject to change) in its entirety and miss a limited number of days throughout the season

  • Personal transportation to daily work sites is required - YCC does not have access to van transport for students at this time for the 2022 season.


  • Work as a cooperative, respectful and kind member of a team at all times. YCC has a zero tolerance policy for disrespect, unsafe behavior, and bullying of any kind.

  • Participate in training and work days with a youth crew and adult leaders

  • Become proficient in the safe handling of hand tools and learn first aid response and outdoor safety techniques

  • Develop an environmental stewardship ethic

  • Be willing to work hard, try new things, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

This season we are implementing Activity Fees between $0 - $500 per student based on family income. HOWEVER, we strongly believe that everyone should have access to the outdoors and do not want to create a barrier for registration. If the activity fee is a barrier for participating or you have exterior forces that are not represented in your family income, we encourage you to select the activity fee that works best for you (whether it is $0 or $500). We do not require any "proof" or income verification and this model is completely based on the honor system. We understand that income does not often reflect the whole financial picture for most families.



While we strongly believe that everyone should have open and free access to the outdoors, our program goes above and beyond, providing valuable benefits to students,  parents, and our environment and community. The YCC program cannot sustain growth without covering more of its costs, most notably student stipends. Activity Fees will help pay for student stipends first and foremost, ensuring that this popular program perk can continue and even increase for our hard working participants.  We understand that YCC fills a niche - providing an essential community service with no financial barriers for families - and we intend to keep it this way by using a sliding scale to help each family determine what the right Activity Fee is for them. 
How it works
Once a student has applied and been accepted into the program, families will be prompted to pay the Activity Fee (either through a one-time payment or monthly payment plan). This fee is due after program acceptance, NOT when a student first applies. Families will choose the column that fits their income and household size (Option A, B, C, D, or E). This model is based on the honor system, families will not need to provide any proof of their income or household size. The Activity Fees paid by a family will not have any impact on the amount that stipend students receive at the end of the season - all students will receive an $800 stipend if they have fulfilled program attendance requirements. If students complete less than 8 days of the program, the activity fee will be refunded and no end of season stipend will be awarded. 

Waiver of Activity Fees for 3rd-year+ Students and Leaders in Training (LITs)

Activity fees are optional for returning students in their 3rd year+ and for alumni that apply for a Leader in Training (LITs) position. 3rd year+ students and LITs take on elevated roles of responsibility, assisting the crew leaders and acting as role models for the other students. For this reason, these students will not have to pay a program deposit. However, if you and your family have the means to do so, please consider paying a deposit to support this program. Alumni students can apply to be an LIT in the general application.

*We do not want this fee to be a barrier to students participating. If your family has exterior forces that are not represented on this chart, please select the bracket that works best for your family.*






  • Consider sliding up the scale if the following applies to you: 

    • You own your own home.

    • You have retirement accounts, inheritance, and investments.

    • You have a multi-income earning family, with access to family money and resources in times of need.

    • You have discretionary income for expenses like travel, dining out, entertainment, etc.

  • Consider sliding down the scale if the following applies to you: 

    • You are impacted by systemic, state, and historic oppression.

    • You have medical, health, or other expenses that are not traditionally represented in this chart.

    • You support multiple family members.

    • You live on a fixed income.

    • Your financial circumstances would prevent your child from joining the program.

    • You have a significant debt to income ratio.

Screen Shot 2022-04-20 at 12.28.35 PM.png

What are acceptance decisions based on? 

While we wish that we could provide programming to all students who apply, we have limited numbers that we can allow per crew for safety and quality of experience. Students who know they will miss a significant portion of the summer season for vacation or other commitments are scored lower in the applicant ranking criteria.


If accepted, you will be prompted to submit medical information, liability forms, and activity fee (if applicable).

Our selection decisions are based on a scoring system consistent across all applicants. They factor in the quality of responses, availability throughout the season, application date (priority vs. not), and if they have participated in YCC before.


A full scoring system is provided to the right.

Application Scoring System (out of 10):

Quality of narrative answers (0-5)

  • Excellent - clear, descriptive answers to all questions - 5

  • Great - but could use a bit more detail - 4

  • Good - but missing some answers and detail - 3

  • Sufficient - Missing many answers and/or details - 2-1

  • Needs work - Missing many details, did not answer all questions, lack of interest: 0

Number of absences (0-2)

  • No absences - 2 

  • 3 days or less - 1

  • 5 days or more - 0

Have they participated in YCC before? (0-1)

  • Yes - 1

  • No - 0

Applied by priority deadline? (0-2)

  • Prior to priority deadline - 2

  • After - 0

If you have any questions, concerns or comments regarding the application and/or activity fee, please reach out to

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