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Conservation District Board of Supervisors


Carson Sprenger, Chair, Appointed 2023

Background - Forester and Restoration Ecologist

Carson Sprenger is a forester and restoration ecologist with a deep passion for trees and conservation. He is the co-founder and director of Rain Shadow Consulting as well as the newly formed Orcas Biomass, LLC.  He has a B.S. from The Evergreen State College in natural resource management and sustainable agriculture and an M.S. from the University of Washington in forest ecology. His research focused on historic stand structures and the fire history of Garry oak and Douglas-fir woodlands and he is a local expert on pre-contact forest structure. Carson recently taught a Tree Worker Basics class through the San Juan EDC and was elected to the San Juan Conservation District’s board of supervisors in May of 2020.  Carson previously served two terms on the Waldron Community Land Trust board and was the resident caretaker at Cedar Rock Preserve on Shaw from 2007 to 2012.  He grew up on Waldron and currently lives on Orcas where he enjoys gardening, hunting, mountain biking, and trail running. (Position #1 - Elected term 2023-2026).

David Bill, Vice Chair

Background - Renewable Agriculture Resources

David Bill brings to the board a passion for climate change mitigation and adaptation measures, energy efficiency, wildfire risk reduction, and maintaining and strengthening the agricultural/aquacultural resources and economy of San Juan County.  With is wife Faith, he owns and operates Midnight’s Farm on Lopez, where they turn agricultural waste and other islander’s yard debris and wood waste into compost and mulch, raise beef and pigs and are committed to providing public benefit through reducing burn piles, providing locally made organics, exceptional local food and education.   He has environmental engineering degree in water resources and has been an island resident for over thirty-five years. (Position #2 - Elected term 2022-2025).

Vicki Heater, Auditor/Treasurer

Background - Water Quality

Vicki has been associated with the San Juan County Conservation District since 1994, serving as Chair for a large part of her term up until 2023. She is an environmental health specialist with the SJC health department and is lead staff for the county’s drinking water program. She is also watershed lead for WRIA 2 and developed the San Juan County Watershed Action Plan under the Non-Point Rule (400-12 WAC) and is currently working on water resource planning under RCW 90.82. She has been actively involved with the San Juan County Pony Club since 1986 and teaches riding and horse management. She and her husband live on 24 acres on Waldron Island, which includes a small farm and 20 acres of forestland. (Position #4 - Appointed term 2021-2024).

Lynn Bahrych

Background - Land Use and Environmental Law

Lynn Bahrych has served on the Washington State Conservation Commission, appointed by Governor Gary Locke in January of 2004, and for two further terms by Governor Chris Gregoire in 2007 and 2011. She graduated with Honors in Humanities from Stanford University and received a Masters Degree in English Education from the University of Texas. Lynn received a Ph.D. in Medieval and Renaissance Literature and a law degree from the University of Washington Law School.  Lynn practiced Maritime and Admiralty law in Seattle for ten years before focusing exclusively on land use and environmental law. Lynn resides on Shaw Island where she manages a native tree nursery and works independently as a certified permaculturalist.  (Position #5 - Appointed term 2023-2026).

Claire Crawbuck

Background - Restoration Ecologist and Environmental Scientist

Claire Crawbuck is a restoration ecologist and environmental scientist who grew up on and has recently returned to San Juan Island. She has a B.A. in environmental science from Wheaton College, MA and a M.S. in Environmental Science from Texas Christian University. Her graduate research focused on fire ecology and the effects of compounds from smoke on the germination of a carnivorous plant. Claire has worked for the Department of the Interior for going on seven years and worked with a wide variety of endangered and imperil species across the nation such as Chinook salmon, Northern spotted owl, and in her current position the Island Marble butterfly.  In her spare time, Claire enjoys hiking, mushrooming, knitting, and gardening. (Position #3 - Elected term 2021-2024). 

Associate Board

SJICD enlists Associate Board members on an as-needed basis to support the overall effectiveness of the district. If you are interested in applying to become a Board Associate, please read the attached policy and submit an application form to

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