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Many no-till drill users in the San Juan Islands have experienced  great success through its use. Results will vary based on existing conditions, seed type, seasons, etc.


Research is widely available discussing the widespread benefits of no-till planting to improve crop yield, soil nutrient retention and biodiversity while reducing moisture loss, erosion, and the spread of invasive species.   

Read more information about the past, present and future of our no-till drill pilot and rental programs:

No-till Drill Project Overview

Access research reports from WSU Extension in San Juan County: 

No-till Drill Rental


SJICD and WSU are proud to offer the Great Plains 606NT No-Till Seed Drill available for use by San Juan County farmers.


Drill rental will be available starting August, 2021. Please contact Bruce Gregory,, with questions or to schedule use of the drill. 

New users must download and return all necessary forms to reserve the drill for fall planting. Those who did not attend Summer, 2021 Trainings are required to submit a written test. Please reference the following forms: 

User Agreement


Field Setup Guide

Seed Rates Guide
Seed Options



Trainings were held in Summer, 2021 and attended by over 20 farmers across three islands. They were coordinated by the Conservation District, WSU Extension, and Natural Plant Solutions. 

Trainings provide an in-field lecture and demonstration of the Great Plains 606NT No-Till Seed Drill. The discussion provides information on known successful seed types and planting strategies for no-till pasture renovation.

Attendees leave the training knowing the operational procedures for renting and using the no-till drill on their farms. This includes transport, setup, calibration, use of the drill, post-planting clean-up of the implement, and return to the Conservation District.

Attendees also walk away knowing how the rental process works, including fees, required paperwork, reservation process, and necessary on-farm equipment needed, or the alternative option of contracting the seeding out to Natural Plant Solutions if there are on-farm limitations of equipment or time to take on a rental of the Conservation District drill.


Is there a test to be approved to rent the drill? Yes. Those who wish to rent the drill from the Conservation District will be required to take a test either at the end of the workshop or at any point before setting up a rental of the drill.

No Till Seed Drill - Restoring Island Pastures
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