Farm/Ag Cost Share Program

Our Farm Cost Share Program provides financial assistance to landowners for site improvements, based on the goals and objectives identified in a certified farm plan or individual stewardship plan. When funding is available, the Conservation District is able to financially support the implementation of farm best management practices that enhance and protect natural resources.  

Who is Eligible? 

Landowners and land managers of San Juan County who maintain livestock or agricultural production on their land for commercial, recreational, or personal use- and are involved in the farm planning process with SJICD- are eligible for cost share assistance for eligible Best Management Practices.


Cost share project approval is subject to availability of funds and prioritization as determined by SJICD.

Once a project has been approved and established in compliance with the conservation plan and with appropriate standards and specifications, the project may be reimbursed for up to 75% of project costs. Maximum cost share award to cooperators is $50,000 for all projects per fiscal year, between the cooperator and SJICD.

How do I Apply? 

For any questions or to apply, please contact Laura Pitts, Natural Resource Project Manager: or call at (360) 378-6621.

Other Funding Resources 

Other funding sources include USDAs Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) "EQIP" and "CSP" funding sources: 

- EQIP (Environmental Quality Incentives Program)

- CSP (Conservation Stewardship Program)

To learn more about NRCS programs, contact local NRCS Resource Conservationist Robin Buckingham at

The above before and after pictures portray what is possible through our planning and cost-share programs. This manure storage and composting infrastructure prevents runoff and watershed pollution caused by agricultural activity. In addition, it improves the composting process of manures, providing the ability to reuse resources on-site, reduce fertilizer costs, and enhance soil health.