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Introductory Firefighter (and Firelighter) Training

The following list of courses will provide you the minimum training to qualify as a basic wildland firefighter. Prior to completing the courses, you will need to sign up for a FEMA SID and an NFA User Id. You can get both registration IDs from the course links below. We recommend you complete these online courses in the following order:

FEMA Courses:

  • A FEMA SID is required to take courses. On right side of screen under Take Final Exam, register for an account. 

  • After your FEMA SID has been approved you will receive and email and will be able to begin courses. 


First: ICS-100c course (3 hours to complete): 

Second: ICS-700b course (3 hours to complete):

National Wildfire Coordinating Group Courses:

  • Under Course Delivery Information, select Student Information (Self-directed delivery).

  • Click NWCG Wildland Fire Learning Portal. Select the course you would like to take.

  • Log in using your information, if you do not have an account, click ‘create new account’.

  • Once you have received an email verifying your account information you may begin courses. 


Third: S-190 course (6-8 hours to complete): 


Fourth: S-130 course (includes L-180) (1-3 hours per module, 11 modules required):

At the end of each S-130/S-190 module is a Challenge Review. Before you begin the Challenge Review, your computer MUST be connected to an active printer to receive your certificate of completion! If you successfully complete the Challenge Review, you’ll be able to print out an NWCG certificate of completion. It’s possible to “print to PDF” or to take a screen shot of your certificate - just make sure you have at least one of the above for every certificate. Note: The summary of courses completed is not enough documentation.  Also, pay attention to computer hardware/software requirements.


You will be also need to complete a practice fire shelter deployment and the Field Day portion of the S-130 curriculum. 


Work Capacity Test 

To qualify for fire line assignments, you will also need to complete the work capacity test (pack test). You should discuss this with your training coordinator, team leader or supervisor.

Basic Wildland Firefighter Safety Training Information

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