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Conservation Districts were formed on a national level following the Dust Bowl of the 1930s, which brought attention to the need to conserve natural resources, particularly soil. A model Conservation District Law was developed in 1937 under the leadership of President Roosevelt with a goal of creating local leadership to coordinate the conservation efforts of various entities and tailor them to meet local conditions and priorities.

This idea was hugely successful and today nearly 3,000 Conservation Districts across the US work with local landowners and residents to develop solutions to local resource concerns.

What is a Conservation District (CD)?

A Conservation District is a non-regulatory, governmental entity established to provide landowners and residents with technical and financial assistance. In Washington State, the 45 Conservation Districts are authorized by RCW 89.08.

Our Mission

To work cooperatively with San Juan County residents and partner agencies to develop and implement sustainable natural resource practices that protect and conserve our environment for today and tomorrow.

Your Conservation District

The San Juan Islands Conservation District serves all of San Juan County and was founded in 1947; it is one of 45 local conservation districts overseen by the Washington State Conservation Commission (WSCC).

Our Goal

We are here to help.

The San Juan Islands Conservation District helps landowners conserve natural resources by providing free services, project “cost share” funding and technical assistance.

As one of the States 45 non-regulatory Conservation Districts, we help residents throughout the San Juan Islands achieve their goals for land stewardship and productivity.  We are committed to conserving and enhancing natural resources in the San Juan Islands for farming, wildlife, public health, forestry, recreation and residential uses.  Your Conservation District staff is available to listen and work with you.


We are headquartered in Friday Harbor, Washington.

530 Guard Street

Friday Harbor, WA 98250 (across from the High School parking lot)

Mailing Address:

PO BOX 1728, Friday Harbor, WA 98250

Phone: 360.378.6621