Spring No-Till Planting Questions 

Name *
Question 1 *
Did you notice any seed that sprouted in the area planted?
Question 2 *
What species did you pick out to plant?
If other, then what?
Question 3 *
What species would you say was most successful?
If other, then what?
Question 4 *
How about weeds? Did you notice any coming in along with the no-till planting?
Question 5 *
Did you take any close-up photographs of the area planted or the no-till coulter pathways that seed was dropped into?
Question 6 *
Have you kept the area planted mowed to reduce plant competition with the established pasture grasses?
Question 7 *
Are you interested in a fall planting during August or September?
Question 8 *
We are considering adding no-till planting sites to the Fall Farm Tours that will be happening on Lopez, Orcas and San Juan Islands this Fall. Would you be interested in being one of the stops assuming you had a bit of success with germination of the no-till planting?