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Island Conservation Corps Crew Members
Cohort 3, 2022-2023


Eve Bernhard

I grew up among the ancient mountains and fertile river valleys of the Atlantic Northeast, and much of my childhood was spent barefoot in uncut meadows and pathless forests, and devouring a wide variety of books. Much of my work in the world has been in the tending and studying of plants and animals. I’ve cared for and researched a menagerie of creatures ranging from subalpine butterflies to tiny, endangered cacti to ducks to whitebark pine trees to goats. I have a sincere interest in all sorts of fields, forests, and waterways. Among many hats worn: farmer (sometimes on faraway lands), goatpacker (in Wyoming and Utah), nature mentor/outdoor educator, dog walker, seed collector, snowshoe guide, and librarian. Most recently, prior to the ICC, I spent five years working as a seasonal Biological Science Technician for the North Cascades National Park, doing primarily native plant propagation and ecological monitoring. These days, when not participating in ICC-related projects, I can most often be found tending to the goats and gardens of Island Thyme Farm, or painting, writing, and frolicking in wild spaces with my sweet hound Nootka! My pronouns are she/her.

June Haselton

My name is June (she/they). I was raised on an island surrounded by a big loving family and tightly knit community. Over the years, I have worked on farms, in permaculture landscaping, and with children. I have studied herbalism and botany, spent a lot of time outside observing ecology, and a lot of time inside with my crafts. I am currently most passionate about bringing prescribed fire back to the land. I have my mentors, friends, family, and plant communities to thank for being my teachers in this ongoing process of learning to be in reciprocal relationship to the landscapes around me.  

Campbell Mishel

My pronouns are he/him. I developed a deep love for the outdoors and deep ecology playing in the woods of Colorado where I grew up. This inspired me to get a degree in sustainability studies from Colorado Mountain College. The desire for more hands on experience and to continue growing my knowledge about ecology is what drew me the ICC. I was also ready for a change of scenery! My current goals for the ICC is to continue to learn as much as possible different restoration work. My goals for the future are to possibly continue with ICC in the masters program and to find meaningful work that allows me to be a steward of the environment.

Noah Link

My name is Noah (he/him/his) and I moved to the San Juans this fall from Michigan, where I grew up and went to school. After running a market farm in central Detroit for many years, I went back to graduate school to study environmental economics. I’m interested in ICC’s work on biochar and other ways to sequester carbon through ecological restoration and permaculture. When not working in the woods, I enjoy hiking with my partner Andy and dog Henry, rock climbing, kayaking, drawing and printing, puzzles and games, cooking, and playing guitar.

Brendan Casey 

​Over the last couple years my love affair with the state of Washington has only become increasingly hopeless. I spent most of my young adulthood in my home state of Montana working in both the outdoor and indoor industries as a trail worker, landscaper, barista, and musician. I moved to Washington in the Spring of 2021 to work as a kayak/adventure guide here in the San Juans and surrounding area and have found no end to my ever growing affinity and curiosity about the natural wonders this place has to offer. I love learning about natural systems and trying to figure out what the most skillful way is to interact with them. I hope to find a career in the outdoor industry that keeps me active and helps to connect people with their environment in a healthy and sustainable way.

Libby Taylor-Manning

My name is Libby and I use she/her pronouns. I graduated from Western Washington University this past spring where I studied environmental science and chemistry and was a member of the Climate Leadership Certificate program with the Sustainability Engagement Institute. I am from Seattle, WA where I was introduced to ecological restoration and environmental issues through volunteer work with the Student Conservation Association. Since interning with the Twisp Tree Board in the Methow Valley and experiencing the Cedar Creek fire of 2021, I became interested in forest ecology and the effects of wildfires as an ecological disturbance and a culturally impactful process. This summer I had the opportunity to work on field research investigating the effect of wildfires on early seral plant communities and fuel loads in Western Cascadia. I hope to learn more about the special ecosystems and fire regimes of the islands this year while getting to interact more with the land and people. 

Maggie Long

I grew up in the PNW and am returning home after 6 years in the Bay Area where I completed my bachelors in economics and pursued a career in equestrian vaulting. Coming from the country's largest food producer and with a love for local, seasonal cooking, my interest in land conservation originally lay in preserving and improving working farm lands. I am enjoying the opportunity to learn about the management of public lands and am happy for the excuse to spend my days working outdoors. In my free time, I am continuing to vault on Vancouver Island, working on a local farm, and enjoying all that the Islands have to offer!


Cohort 2  — Master's Students
Crew members who got involved in 2021 and have continued involvement with the ICC and entered into the masters program 


Susan Ridl

My pronouns are she/her/hers. I was born into a farming community in central North Dakota. I spent most of my youth in Wyoming, surrounded by tales of western adventure and exploration, and seeing the Union Pacific Railroad, wild horses, bison, elk, moose, trout, and rattlesnakes in my backyard. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology in Salt Lake City, Utah. I then learned from some of the best technicians and veterinarians in the industry in an AVMA accredited veterinary technology program in Florida, while volunteering at a local marine rehab center, helping rehabilitate sea turtles. I am a licensed veterinary technician in Washington state. For the past 2 years I have been working as a caregiver at the local hospital on San Juan Island as a Phlebotomist and Laboratory Assistant. I enjoy getting my hands dirty: remodeling my home, building a garden, wood-working, and learning how to care for indoor and outdoor plants. I occasionally get the urge to try cooking something new that is sweet or savory like panna cotta. I am passionate about supporting local businesses and farms, and reducing my spending within monopolies. I spend a lot of my time with my honey Oswyn and our 4 mischievous furbabies. I'm very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to work alongside and learn from professionals in the field that, like me, are a little bit wild for the wilderness. 


Julia Jaquery

I use she/her and they/them pronouns. My background is in human biology, but I fell in love with the woods through forest defense activism in so-called Oregon, in Kalapuya and Molalla territories mainly. This guided me to pursue training as an herbalist, identifying and wildcrafting medicine and food plants of Eastern and Western ecosystems in the Pacific Northwest. I honor the Native peoples who have loved and tended to the prolific and beautiful landscapes that are my greatest teachers, and I look forward to continuing to cultivate honorable stewardship practices and right-relationship with the Samish, Coast Salish, and Lummi lands and people.


Bernard Cowen

My pronouns are he/him/his. My formal education is in GIS and Cartography, but I've always tried to soak up any knowledge of the outside world that I could. I spent many hours volunteering at the environmental non-profit Cascadia Wildlands learning about public land timber sales and forest defense movements. Since graduating from University of Oregon, I've been doing cartographic design work and GIS for Green Trails Maps where I've helped produce recreation maps in a handful of Oregon Wilderness areas. I enjoy playing music, frisbee and soccer or adventuring in my van going backpacking or surfing. I also like to spend time alone reading or playing video games. 


Yuki Wilmerding

My pronouns are she/her. I grew up on San Juan Island and for a short time on Stuart Island also. I feel a deep connection to this place, which has only deepened after the work with ICC and  learning about the ecological systems. My current joys include adventures with my doggo Douglas (yes, named after the tree) and any time I can spend in, or on, the ocean. I am about to start classes to become a scientific diver and am doing my grad work relating to eelgrass restoration using seeds! I have also recently found a passion for map making and am excited to complete my GIS coursework. I would love to be hired to make maps throughout my career. One hobby that I will always be at odds with is my love to travel, but I am finding that while staying in one place can be challenging, the benefits are numerous, so I am finding peace within that.

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