Lopez Island Conservation Corps (LICC)


Partnering with the San Juan Island Conservation Corps and the Orcas Island Youth Conservation Corps is the Lopez Island Conservation Corps (LICC) that was established in 2007 providing youth opportunities to participate in environmental conservation activities on Lopez Island.

LICC harnesses the power and enthusiasm of youth while engaging in sustainable community partnerships to encourage healthy choices, appreciation for nature, personal development, environmental education, and exposure to natural resource protection and careers.

The LICC vision: We personify a healthy, productive working environment in which LICC youth, participants and Board members are acknowledged and our successes are celebrated. In furthering LICC’s mission, we provide leadership and support to our community to achieve long lasting stewardship of our special public lands.

Consisting of individuals from 14-18 years old, and with the involvement of the local rural community, the youth benefits from positive teamwork and a collective sense of ownership of the land. The LICC serves as a nexus for local organizations to work together toward providing youth with opportunities to effect real change. Bringing together senior centers, food stores, county parks department, and the Bureau of Land Management, as well as local volunteers and families, LICC is not just motivating youth. It is rallying an entire rural community into finding value in a new organization that protects their local environment. The LICC demonstrates that even small groups of highly dedicated volunteers can make a huge impact.

LICC was named the Outstanding Youth Volunteer Group for 2008 by Take Pride in America, a national partnership program aimed at increasing volunteer service on America’s public lands.