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80th OPALCO Annual Meeting



Register at landing 7:00 AM
Ferry departs 8:45 AM
Return to Orcas 11:50 AM
Register on board
Ferry departs 9:00 AM
Return to Shaw 11:40 AM


Register at landing 8:00 AM
Ferry departs 9:30 AM
Return to Lopez 11:25 AM


Members coming from San Juan
Island will sail to Orcas by chartered
boat to get on the ferry at Orcas.*
Reservations Required
Call 376-3549 to reserve the limited
space available on the chartered boat.



Register on board
Ferry departs 7:30 / 10:35 AM
Return (via Orcas) 1:30 PM

Registration begins at
Spring St. landing 6:45 AM
Board chartered boat 7:20 AM
Disembark at Orcas dock 8:30 AM
Orcas Ferry leaves 8:45 AM
Return to Orcas landing 11:50 AM
Chartered boat leaves Orcas NOON
Arrives Friday Harbor by 1:00 PM

* The ferry that leaves Friday Harbor at
6:10 AM is also an option.

If you are disabled or need special accommodations to participate in the Annual
Meeting on the ferry, please call Bev Madan at 376-3549.
*Note: The chartered boat is not wheelchair accessible and requires a
steep walk up and back down the ramp at the Orcas county dock to
board the ferry. If this presents a challenge for you, please take the
6:10 AM ferry from Friday Harbor to Orcas that arrives Orcas at 7:35 AM.