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As islanders, we have a strong sense of place – a place where majestic orcas roam the waters, where breathtaking views are commonplace, and where the power and strength of community is boundless. Our geographic remoteness increases our awareness of our vulnerabilities, but also contributes to our resourcefulness. We are aware of climate change and ocean acidification and the need for energy resiliency, and we know we must transform how we generate and use energy. We need an energy plan that addresses these challenges and charts a course of action.

Islands Energy – OPALCO and San Juan Islands Conservation District convened a series of Energy Roundtables to bring together community stakeholders and encourage collaboration. An Energy Leadership Team was established consisting of leaders from San Juan County, San Juan Islands Conservation District, OPALCO, Town of Friday Harbor, the Economic Development Council, islands schools, businesses, and community land trusts. Collectively, the non-profit entities and individuals that continue to participate in the monthly roundtable meetings are called Islands Energy.

The San Juan Islands Conservation District, in collaboration with OPALCO, coordinates facilitation of Islands Energy and the Energy Leadership Team.

The NEW 2015 San Juan Islands Energy Plan

Through the hard work of Islands Energy, a San Juan Islands Energy Plan was developed and shared with the people of San Juan County at Energy Pie Socials held on San Juan, Orcas and Lopez Islands.  The Energy Plan goals are to Engage the Community and Students in Energy Issues; Reduce Energy Waste and Use Energy Wisely; Increase Local Renewable Energy Generation and Reduce our Carbon Footprint.

View the Energy Plan and get involved!Islands Energy Plan



Empowering Our Island Community for a Resilient Future

This is not a plan that will sit on a shelf – this is a working, living document that will be implemented by multiple parties and revisited and updated as often as needed. We will hold ourselves accountable for achieving results and will evaluate our progress at the end of each year. We will celebrate our successes and work together to overcome our challenges, and in the process we will become more energy efficient and decrease our carbon footprint. Our hope is that we will leave a legacy for future generations, and provide a model for how it can be done.

Islands Energy Plan Guiding Principles:

Community: Engage all communities in developing and making decisions related to the development and implementation of the energy plan, and build a broad-based community support for and ownership of local energy solutions.

Commitment: Set ambitious energy and carbon reduction targets that make a climate difference, and commit resources necessary to achieve the targets.

Respect: Respect island community diversity through engagement of all demographics, and respect the natural environment through stewardship and conservation.

Resiliency: Build local energy resiliency and self-reliance by reducing dependency on energy imports through cultivating energy consciousness, improving efficiency of the energy system and consumption patterns, and increasing deployment of local renewable energy resources.

Prosperity: Create and nurture a vibrant local economy and creation of green jobs through investments in local clean energy, waste reduction, and energy efficiency.

Equity: Provide equal access to energy by ensuring affordability of essential energy services, and fair and equal treatment of different segments of our community.

Prudence: Implement measures and programs that reflect industry best practices and demonstrate financial prudence by ensuring all resources are utilized in an efficient and effective manner.

Innovation: Utilize technological, social, and regulatory innovations and adapt creatively to arrive at solutions that work in our community and serve as a model for others.

Governance: Foster long-term governance to ensure participation, transparency, and implementation of the Energy Plan.



Promoting Energy Efficiency, Conservation, and Renewable Energy
In early 2014, Orcas Power and Light Cooperative OPALCO  signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the San Juan Islands Conservation District to accelerate community efforts to expand energy conservation, efficiency, and renewable energy use. This partnership helps the Conservation District achieve our long-term goals to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency throughout San Juan County. Sign up to receive a RSS Feed and get updates from our Energy Partners at OPALCO on energy saving tips and energy news through their ENERGY SAVINGS BLOG.


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