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Climate Action Imperative: 2014 San Juan Islands Summer Speaker Series
Met Office
NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies
National Center for Atmospheric Research
National Climate Assessment
Natural Resources Defense Council
North Pacific Landscape Conservation Cooperative
Real Climate
Seattle Climate Action
Union of Concerned Scientists
WA Department of Ecology
World Resources Institute
World Wildlife Fund



Energy Bits
Kodiak Island – Renewable Energy
Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative
The Transition Town Movement


Alternative Farming Systems Information Center
Biodynamic Farming & Gardening Association
Center for Food Safety
Community Alliance with Family Farmers
Food & Agriculture Organization of the UN
Food Security Learning Center
Friday Harbor Brickworks
Horses for Clean Water
Land Stewardship Project
Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture
Market Vegetable Gardens (PDF)
National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service
Northwest Agriculture Business Center
Organic Farming Research Association
Poultry Management (PDF)
San Juan Island Farmer’s Market
Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education
Lopez Farmer’s Market
Low Impact Gardening (PDF)
Orcas Island Farmer’s Market
Reduce, Reuse and Composting (PDF)
The Case for Sustainable Landscapes (PDF)
Topsoil (PDF)
Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) (PDF)
Sustainable Lawn and Garden (PDF)
UC Small Farm Program
US Department of Agriculture
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
Washington State Conservation Commission
Washington State Department of Agriculture
Weed Free Hay and Straw
Wild Farm Alliance
WSU Center for Sustaining Agriculture & Natural Resources


Firewise Home & Landscape Information
San Juan County Burn Ban


Backyard Forest Stewardship in Western Washington
(2011) from WSU Extension By Janean Creighton, Amy Grotta
Tree Hardiness Map


Burke Museum Geologic History
Dept. of Natural Resources, Div. of Geology & Earth Resources
Washington State Dept. of Ecology – Puget Sound Landslides
Washington State Dept. of Ecology – Slope Stabilization


Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Endangered Species List
Wild Guardians
World Wildlife Fund
Ocean Conservancy
SeaDoc Salish Sea Birds & Mammals
Soils for Salmon


LID Manual, Technical Guidance Manual for Puget Sound, December, 2012 (PDF)
Built Green
LEED for Homes (LEED-H)
Sustainable Sites
LID Soil & Landscape Best Practices (PDF)
2020 LID Methods Presentation (PDF)
Presentation by Mark Buehrer, PE, Founder of 2020 Engineering, LID Expert


Water Footprint Calculator
Drought Resources for Landowners
How to Build a Rain Barrel
At Home with Wetlands: A Landowner’s Guide
Exploring Wetlands Stewardship
Harvesting Rain in the Pacific Northwest
State of Washington Department of Health, Office of Shellfish and Water Protection.
Washington Department of Health-Shellfish Safety Hotline 1-800-562-5632
National Water Quality Handbook USDA-NRCS 2003
Principles of Watershed Management
Sustaining Healthy Freshwater Ecosystems
Ecosystem Services – Benefits Supplied to Human Societies
Introduction to Watershed Ecology
Protecting Stream Flows
Stream Corridor Structure
Birds Bellwether of Watershed
Wetland Functions & Values
Understanding Lake Ecology
Role of Nearshore Ecosystems as Fish & Shellfish Nurseries
Agents of Watershed Change
Smart Growth & Water Protection
Nonpoint Pollution Surface Waters with Phosphorus and Nitrogen
Human Alteration of the Global Nitrogen Cycle
Biotic Invasions – Causes, Epidemiology, Global Consequences & Control
Nutrient Pollution of Coastal Rivers, Bays, and Seas
Effects of Aquaculture on World Fish Supplies
Introduction to Watershed Planning
Review of Watershed Monitoring
Rapid Bioassessment Protocols
Watershed Ecological Risk Assessment
Watershed Modeling Tools
Eight Tools of Watershed Protection
Agriculture Management Practice for Water Protection
Forestry BMPs in Watersheds
Drinking Water Source Protection Programs
Source Water Protection BMPs
Underground Injection Control Program
Applying Ecological Principles Management National Forests
Ecological Principles For Managing Land Use
Introduction to the Clean Water Act
Safe Drinking Water Act
Water in a Changing World
Statewide Watershed Management
Economics of Sustainability
Public Water System Supervision Program


Ocean Acidification: The Other CO2 Problem
Sustainable Logging ~ National Geographic
Hidden Humpback Hunt Captured ~ National Geographic
Amazing snow hunting by foxes


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